Statement of US Labor Secretary Perez on November employment numbers [12/04/2015]

Statement of US Labor Secretary Perez on November employment

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E.
Perez issued the following statement about the November 2015
Employment Situation report released today:

“With the addition of 211,000 jobs in November, the economy
continues to recover at a steady clip. It was the 69th
consecutive month of private sector job growth, to the tune of
13.7 million jobs created — the longest streak on record. For
the first time since 1999, we are on track to have back-to-back
years of average monthly job growth over 200,000 jobs. The
unemployment rate held steady at 5.0 percent. Job growth in
November was not just solid but also widespread, including very
strong growth in construction.

“Other economic indicators provide reason for bullishness.
Retail sales for the beginning of the holiday shopping season
have been encouraging. Auto sales were again very strong in
November: 18.19 million at an annualized rate. The iconic U.S.
auto industry, which was flat on its back just seven years ago,
continues its remarkable comeback. Historic collective
bargaining agreements recently reached by the Big Three
automakers remind us all that shared sacrifice between
management and labor can lead to shared prosperity.

“There is still more work ahead of us to ensure that all
Americans have their hard work rewarded and enjoy the fruits of
this recovery. Too many families are still struggling to keep
their heads above water. We need to do more to raise their
wages and increase their economic stability. We need to expand
opportunity and ensure that the rising economic tide lifts all
boats, not just the yachts.

“That’s why the Obama administration is taking decisive steps
to give more people the chance to succeed and achieve the
middle-class security they deserve. In recent weeks at the
Labor Department, we’ve announced the availability of $100
million in grants to empower more workers with the high-tech
skills they need to compete for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
We’ve also issued a proposed regulation and other guidance that
will make it easier for states to expand savings options for
the nearly 70 million workers who lack access to an
employer-sponsored retirement plan. And we continue to call on
Congress to pass a long overdue increase in the minimum wage.

“As we move into the holiday season, I am grateful that more
Americans can celebrate in comfort and joy, and I look forward
to sustained progress into the new year.

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