Claims Processing

claimChicago Based  Unemployment Insurance Claims Processing

Often when businesses complete unemployment insurance claims processing in-house, they find that they have very little time to respond to state agencies due to the delay in snail mail and the tight deadlines imposed by the agencies. Additionally, for those not familiar with the terminology, unemployment insurance claims can be quite confusing. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Personnel Planners is integrated with the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES), which means that our clients’ claims arrive in our system electronically as soon as the notice is sent from the state. Our clients are then notified by the assigned claims analyst immediately via email, fax and on the client portal, which allows them to provide information online. Once information has been provided, our experienced analysts take the information and contest the unemployment insurance claim in the most effective way, by raising the appropriate sections of law, making factual arguments and detailing the events that led to the employee’s separation.