Personnel Planners Works with Many Businesses in Lincoln Park!

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Personnel Planners Works with Many Businesses in Lincoln Park!

Personnel Planners manages unemployment matters. We are located in Chicago and we work with businesses all over the US. We are located in Greek Town which is short drive from DePaul, Old Town Triangle, Park West, Lincoln Park, Ranch Triangle, Sheffield Neighbors and Wrightwood Neighbors!

Personnel Planners clients have the benefit of an online client portal, which provides live instant reports on the status of your unemployment claims. The portal is also a way to exchange paperwork with Personnel Planners. The portal also allows our clients to see metrics on how Personnel Planners is doing for you!  Additionally, Personnel Planners has a knowledgeable staff of ABA certificated paralegals that handle our client’s hearings and unemployment claims.

Unemployment taxes is a manageable expenses if dealt with properly. An employer in Illinois can have an unemployment tax rate in 2015 as high as 8.150% and as low as .55%. Companies spending thousands of dollars in taxes on unjustified unemployment claim that were either contested improperly or due to a state inaccuracy. Personnel Planners knows how to correctly challenge unwarranted unemployment and catches state mistakes.  One unnecessary unemployment claim successfully collected against your business can cost greater than Personnel Planners yearly service charge, therefore signing up with us is helpful to achieve the lowest possible rate for the following year!  

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