Personnel Planners Works with Helps Clients in Portage Park!

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Personnel Planners Works with Helps Clients in Portage Park!

Personnel Planners is an unemployment management company.  We handle all matters related to unemployment compensation. We are located in West Loop of Chicago and we serve businesses all throughout US.  Our office is only a short drive to Portage Park and Six Corners!

An employer in Illinois can have an unemployment tax rate in 2015 as low as .55% or as high as 8.150%. One unemployment claim collected improperly from an employer can cause thousands of tax dollars an employer must pay. Unemployment taxes though is a completely manageable expense that can be lowered. Personnel Planners knows how to properly combat unnecessary unemployment claims.  One preventable unemployment claim successfully collected against your business, can cost greater than Personnel Planners yearly service fee. Therefore becoming a Personnel Planners customer is useful to accomplish the lowest possible rate for the next year! 

Personnel Planners is a great company and we are staffed with excellent ABA certificated paralegals that handle our client’s hearings and unemployment claims. Also Personnel Planners provides clients with a great online client portal. The client portal allows our clients to see instant live reports on the statuses of their unemployment claims and the portal lets our clients exchange documents with Personnel Planners. The portal is also a destination to see metrics on Personnel Planners and their success rate!  

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