Personnel Planners Supports Businesses in North Park!

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Personnel Planners Supports Businesses in North Park!

Personnel Planners is a third party administrator that specializes in unemployment management. We are located in the West Loop which is a short car ride to Hollywood Park, North Park and Pulaski Park!  

Personnel Planners handles unemployment insurance for businesses nationwide particularly in the Chicagoland area. Personnel Planners hold customer service the highest priority. Personnel Planners has an excellent staff of ABA certificated paralegals handling all hearings and claims.  Personnel Planners also uses the newest technological tools for full compliance with federal and state law. We believe in complete transparency and provide a web client portal, which shows live reports regarding the status of your unemployment claims and allows you to exchange information with Personnel Planners.

One unnecessary unemployment claim can cost more than our yearly service fee!  When one unemployment claim is successfully collected improperly against your company, your company may have to pay thousands of dollars in taxes. Unemployment taxes can be one of the biggest controllable expenses a business can have. Using Personnel Planners is vital for challenging unwarranted unemployment claims to get you a good unemployment tax rate. In Illinois, your unemployment tax rate in 2015 can be as high as 8.150% and as low as .55%.  

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