Personnel Planners Loves Working with Businesses in Edgewater!

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Personnel Planners Loves Working with Businesses in Edgewater!

Personnel Planners manages unemployment. We that handles unemployment insurance for businesses throughout the country, particularly in the Chicago. We are located in the Greek Town which is close by to Andersonville, Edgewater, Edgewater Glen, Epic and Lakewood/Balmoral!

Unemployment taxes can be one of the major controllable expenses for a business. Companies spending thousands of dollars in taxes on unwarranted unemployment claim that were contested improperly or through state error. Personnel Planners is properly challenges unwarranted unemployment and catches state mistakes.  One unnecessary unemployment claim successfully collected against your business can cost greater than Personnel Planners yearly service fee, therefore signing up with.  Your unemployment tax rate in 2015 can be as high as 8.150% and as low as .55%, let us help you strive to lower your rate!

 Personnel Planners has implemented the best technological for dealing with unemployment claims, such that when using our service companies are full compliance with federal and state law. Additionally, Personnel Planners has a wonderful staff of ABA certificated paralegals handling all hearings and claims. Also we provide a web based client portal, which shows live reports on the status of your unemployment claims. The portal is also a way to exchange documents with Personnel Planners and to see metrics on how Personnel Planners is doing for you!

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