In rapidly evolving Silicon Valley economy, funds will help close skills gap for about 920 recently laid-off workers

State: California

Type of Award: National Dislocated Worker Grant

Total Amount Approved: $3,200,000

Initial Award Amount: $1,539,570

Awarded to: The NOVA Workforce Board

Number of Workers Served: About 920

Use of Funds: California’s Silicon Valley region is home to the nation’s leading technology companies. The region is experiencing rapid job growth – particularly in the technology sector – while also incurring significant layoffs in this same industry. In this rapidly evolving industry, workers with outdated skills lose their jobs to those with recent education and training. 

This NDWG will provide reemployment and training services to workers affected by layoffs and closures at 70 companies in the region, helping to close the skills gap for these workers. The NOVA Workforce Board will provide a full spectrum of services to help job seekers, primarily from the technology industry, return to comparable employment in their field, including ongoing personalized career advising, topical workshops, interactive labs, and occupationally relevant training. The project will also offer on-the-job training and other “earn as you learn” opportunities by proactively seeking out local employers. Funding was approved for up to $3,200,000, with $1,539,570 released initially. 

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