Funds awarded to help Maine paper industry workers affected by layoffs

State: Maine

Type of Award: National Dislocated Worker Grant

Supplemental Amount Released: $297,838

Initial Award Amount Released: $256,696

Funding Awarded to: Maine Department of Labor

Number of Workers Served: Approximately 72

Use of Funds: The funding of this National Dislocated Worker Grant supplemental award will provide for the continuation of reemployment services to workers affected by the closure of Lincoln Paper and Tissue, LLC, located in Lincoln, Maine. The department approved an initial grant award of $256,696 on March 18, 2014 to the Maine Department of Labor to provide services to about 100 of the 200 workers affected by the layoffs. In August 2015, LPT laid off an additional 180 workers in a new round of layoffs. This supplemental award is expected to serve 72 of these 180 workers. All of the workers targeted for NDWG services are eligible and certified for Trade Adjustment Assistance. This dual enrollment project provides these TAA-certified workers with access to “wrap around” and supportive services that are not available through the TAA program.

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