About our Company

About our company

Personnel Planners, Inc. specializes in cutting unemployment taxes. We are a third party administrator. We fight for our clients, providing them with huge savings on payroll taxes, all while keeping them compliant with federal and state laws using our SIDES (State Information Data Exchange System) based software.​ Read about our history, meet the team, partner, and our clients.

Our History

Personnel Planners specializes in managing unemployment claims and cutting unemployment taxes for our clients. Founded in 1981 by David Prosnitz in Chicago, we have since grown to be a leader in the unemployment cost control industry. As a Third Party Administrator (TPA), we handle everything related to unemployment insurance for our clients, and we do so with a very experienced staff, and the latest technological tools available. Best of all, our service pays for itself – the savings we provide on unemployment taxes are significantly higher than the cost of our service.

Our staff of Claims Analysts and Hearing Representatives is comprised entirely of career oriented, highly educated, certificated paralegals who truly care about the service they provide. Not many other service providers in our industry can say the same about their staff, and not many can boast about their use of technology the way we do. In 2012, we saw that the industry was about to change with the coming of the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES),so we set forth to create a claims management system built around the new technology. Not only did we accomplish this goal, but we were amongst the first companies nationally to be on the new exchange. Thanks to the new technology, our clients get more time to reply with information and the assurance that our protests on their behalf will be in compliance with the stricter state regulations that have been making their way across the country.

We have since expanded our technological presence by coming out with a new and improved client portal that allows our clients not only to track the activity of their claims and hearings, but also to provide information for new claims, view billing information, and apply for Work Opportunity Tax Credits, a valuable service that we provide in select states.

If you are looking for a service provider who can give you the personal attention you would only expect from a small business and have the technological capabilities you could only expect from a large one, then look no further. We only automate processes that support our commitment to quality service and personal attention, and our clients are happier for it. Our clients, large and small, come from all industries and many have been with us for more than a decade. Call us today to find out about the Personnel Planners difference, and what we can do for your business.

Meet the Team:

David Prosnitz


A University of Chicago alumnus, David has been working in the unemployment field for more than 30 years. Since founding Personnel Planners in Chicago in 1981, David has grown the company into a nationally reputable service provider that has consistently led the industry in technological prowess. David takes great pride in the organization he has created. He especially enjoys talking to clients, and supporting them through difficult business decisions.

Ofer Eckstein

Partner, IT & Operations

Ofer Eckstein is a Partner at Personnel Planners, with core responsibilities over IT & Operations. In 2013, Ofer designed and developed Personnel Planners’ SIDES-integrated Claims Management System and has since been deeply involved in both the technical and business aspects of UI, both at Personnel Planners and outside, advising on individual state initiatives as well as national ones through the SIDES Operations Committee, where he is currently serving as Vice Chair representing TPAs and Employers. He is passionate about making the unemployment claim administration process efficient and friendly for our staff and for our clients.

Our Clients

We provide nationwide unemployment cost control services to more than 1000 businesses, ranging in size from 5 to 50,000 employees. We have clients in the healthcare industry, restaurant industry, in school districts, in gas station and in almost any industry imaginable.



I travel from building to building and receive so many emails that I can’t remember if I have responded to our assigned claims representative (who is fabulous and the BOMB)… Now I can go to the online client portal and BANG BOOM WALLA BING BANG I’m done, I can respond in a timely manner… At the end the month I am to submit a report to my boss on how many claims were submitted and the status of each case. It is all on the online portal in the reach of my hands, WOW (as I’m shaking my head in disbelief), that means a lot to me. I’m soooo open to anything that will make my job easier and reachable anytime any place… The online portal is great and I will say it again it is the BOMB!!! Keeps me on my toes!!! Personnel Planners has sold me!!!

HR Specialist | Nursing Home Management Group

I would like to take a moment to express my thanks for the high quality work that our assigned service representative from Personnel Planners provides to our company. When I began working with our assigned service representative approximately one year ago I was leery because I had always performed all of my unemployment duties myself. It did not take long for our assigned service representative to win me over with her vast knowledge of Illinois unemployment law, attention to details, and diligent follow-up.With the vast changes that seem to be happening with the Illinois Dept. of Employment Services, it is good to have a competent person in my corner to help control our losses and business expenses.I highly recommend Personnel Planners because of the relationship that I have with our assigned service representative and the benefits listed above.

Safety Manager | Chicago Staffing Agency

…I would be remiss if I didn’t take a few moments to drop you a line to thank you for the establishment of this relationship which I owe to you. Personnel Planners is consummately professional, has been extremely beneficial to the firm and I want to thank you for that introduction.

Partner | Law Firm

Personnel Planners, Inc. has proven to be a very effective organization in dealing with unemployment and related human resource issues. They talk to us. We consider this investment that we have made with Personnel Planners as a sound business decision.

President, IT
Recruitment Service

In the busy life of human resources, unemployment claims are one area it is nice not to have to think about. With Personnel Planners, we know that we will be well represented and you will find a way to save us money on unemployment claims – something a CPA firm can really relate to! Thanks again to you and your staff for making our busy lives a little easier.

HR | Accounting Firm

We previously used a different provider and noticed unfavorable results on many claims that we felt should have been in our favor. Our SUI rate in the long run did suffer and increased quite a bit. In hopes of working this rate back down, we switched to Personnel Planners who after reviewing some of our more challenging claimants were confident they could help us. They were right!Personnel Planners has gone above and beyond the service we received from our previous provider. When I noticed that Personnel Planners requested information to help dispute claims (information that our previous provider never asked for), I immediately could tell there was a difference in their approach in responding to the claims we were receiving.Since our switch, we have much more favorable outcomes on our claims and our SUI rate has decreased substantially. The Personnel Planners team is very pleasant and offers excellent customer service. I have definitely been very pleased with the positive results and would recommend Personnel Planners without question.

Manager of HR | Private Social Club

We are very pleased with services we receive from Personnel Planners. They are efficient and quick to get our protests filed with the states we do business in. They are able to offer guidance in how to respond to claims and tips for the hearings.

Vice President of HR | Bank

Partner with Personnel Planners

Payroll providers, accounting firms, labor law firms, professional employer organizations and other service providers often need to find an easy way to handle unemployment claims for their clients. At Personnel Planners we provide flexible partnership options that appeal to most service providers.

Recent federal laws require better information exchanges with the local offices on UI claims. In some states, these must be made through a new data exchange called  SIDES.  There are penalties for inadequate separation information on claims and coming penalties for not communicating via SIDES.  Responding in a timely and complete manner has become a requirement.

Personnel Planners wants to partner with your business so that your clients can be better served in this area.  Our goal is create a business relationship that caters to your needs. Our offerings are flexible and depend on the level of work that you intend to outsource. We know that partnering our service with yours will benefit your company as well as your clients.

All good business relationships start with a conversation about mutual needs and interests. Please give us a call today at (312) 733-5555 and ask to speak with for David Prosnitz or Hannah Eckstein.

Why partner with us?

We have an excellent paralegal staff and a top notch claims management system that is integrated with the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES).We provide a client portal for all of our clients to access complete reports of the status of their unemployment claim in real time. The portal is also a way to share and exchange information regarding claims .

We care about our clients and their cases. We’ve been in business since 1981 and we pride ourselves on our client retention rate. Whenever an opportunity to better our work presents itself, we never hesitate to improve our service. We help our clients make good terminations in light of the unemployment system so that they will not be as vulnerable to unemployment claims and the increased payroll taxes that come with them. We return phone calls and emails promptly. We look to be helpful. We don’t let claims slip through the cracks.

By selecting us as a partner, your clients will be in good hands and you, as a service provider, will be able to focus on your core services without having to worry about unemployment claim management – Personnel Planners will take care of that.