BREAKING NEWS: Nebraska Now “Live on SIDES” With Personnel Planners.

Great news for employers in Nebraska! This morning, Nebraska became the 30th state available on SIDES with Personnel Planners. Personnel Planners is also the first “Third Party Administrator” (TPA) to be on SIDES with Nebraska. So, what does this mean for employers in the great state of Nebraska? Processing unemployment claims just got a whole lot easier and safer! Here are a few things you might be wondering about as this new service is now available:

What Is SIDES and Why Do I Need It?


SIDES stands for State Information Data Exchange System; it is a centralized system whereby employers and Third Party Administrators, such as Personnel Planners, receive and respond electronically to Separation Information Requests from Unemployment Insurance agencies.

SIDES can be accessed using a free version called E-Response, but it is only meant for employers with a very low volume of claims. For employers with a higher volume, it is recommended to use SIDES Web Services, or use a TPA who viagra samples is already using SIDES Web Services. Currently Personnel Planners is the only Third Party Administrator using SIDES Web Services in Nebraska. To see the status of other states, use our map and click on your state:

SIDES streamlines UI communication by eliminating postal delays, providing immediate proof of receipt for all sent responses, and setting a standard for adequate responses. At Personnel Planners, we go a few steps further by giving our clients access to a dedicated portal from which they can relay information to our trained claims analysts, review determinations and decisions, track claims activity and assess our performance using real-time metrics. Employers with multiple entities and/or operating in different states are able to use one single login, providing a huge advantage over E-Response, which requires a separate login for every employer account.

Some states have already created legislation allowing their UI agencies to enforce a regulation requiring all employers above a certain size (e.g. 50 employees) to use SIDES. Considering USDOL’s massive support and push for higher SIDES usage across all states, it is fair to predict that in the near future more states will follow. Partnering with Personnel Planners keeps businesses ahead of the game and compliant with all coming requirements.

What Does Working With Personnel Planners Provide Me?
As a business owner and/or HR leader, we understand the time and resources you’re required to put into your employees, past and present. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 25-35% of your time is being consumed by employee administrative work. So, is it any wonder that a recent Gallup poll also found that only 13% of employees are actively engaged at work? Bottom line: YOUR EMPLOYEES NEED YOU! We understand that you need to be concentrating your efforts on the growth and success of your organization and not on managing unemployment claims for your ex-employees. However, neglecting to manage unemployment claims can cost a lot down the road in payroll taxes (or direct payments for nonprofit organizations). For that purpose Personnel Planners provides a full suite of unemployment claims management and cost control services, reducing a big administrative burden, while providing protection against wrongful charges. Our services include:

– Claims Processing

buy kamagra Pre-Termination Guidance

– Supervisor Training

– Hearing Preparation & Representation

– Ruling Appeals

– Charge Auditing

– Record Maintenance

– Online Reporting

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You can find more detailed information on our services here:
or call us at 312-650-8126 to find out more specifically about how we can be helping you.

Why Wouldn’t We Continue To Do This In House? Our HR Team Handles This All Very Well
While we are sure your HR teams do a great job of processing claims, we’ve never spoken to one HR person who enjoys the process or feels that they’ve been able to dedicate adequate time to it. A recent article published on states, “Human Resources is a critical component of employee well-being in any business.” So, why are HR teams spending excess time on employees that are no longer with the organization? What if you could free up their time and resources to engage current staff and grow the business by outsourcing the unemployment claims process to experts?

What Happens If We Don’t Outsource?
The best and highest grossing companies understand that to have a successful business it’s imperative that you outsource the activities that are not your core over the counter viagra competencies. With an extensive team of ABA approved certificated paralegals, we can save your company as much as $25,000 in taxes by blocking just one unwarranted claim. What could you do with an additional $25,000? We’re sure the list is endless. over the counter viagra Not outsourcing means that you’re increasing administration costs, time, and resources that are all better spent doing what you do best.

How Much Does This Cost? I’m Sure It’s Expensive.
On the contrary, having Personnel Planners as your expert in unemployment cost control can actually put money back in your pocket. Having our expert team block just one unwarranted claim is usually enough to cover the entire yearly cost of our services by reducing your unemployment and administrative costs. Our clients are often shocked to learn how affordable it is to start implementing our services.

With all of this said, we are very excited to now be able to offer Nebraska employers the enhanced electronic services that we’ve been offering to many states for some time now. The times…. They are a changing! Ask yourself: “Have I set my business/HR team up for success by being ahead of the curve?” If you’re not already outsourcing to Personnel Planners for your unemployment cost control needs, it’s time to reassess. As the transition to SIDES continues, you don’t want your business left behind.