Personnel Planners Appreciates Serving Businesses in Edison Park!

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Personnel Planners Appreciates Serving Businesses in Edison Park!

Personnel Planners specializes in unemployment Cost control management. We are located in Greek Town close by to Edison Park!  

Personnel Planners handle everything related to unemployment insurance for businesses throughout the country. However we handle a great deal of businesses in the Chicagoland area.  Personnel Planners has a staff of all ABA certificated paralegals.  Additionally, Personnel Planners use the newest and latest technological tools for full compliance with federal and state law. We also hold customer service as a number one priority such that we provide full transparency through online reports.

In Illinois your unemployment tax rate in 2015 can be as low as .55% or as high as 8.150%.  Unemployment taxes can be one of the largest manageable expenses for a business. It is ideal to seek Personnel Planners aid to contest unwarranted unemployment claims, even if you only have a just one unemployment claims filed against your company a year. One unnecessary unemployment claim can cost higher than our yearly service fee!  

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