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Personnel Planners specializes in unemployment cost control and management. We handle all unemployment insurance related matters for businesses nationwide, with a staff of certificated paralegals, using the latest technological tools for full compliance with state and federal laws, and providing full transparency through online reports. Unemployment taxes are one of the largest controllable expenses a business has. One unnecessary unemployment claim can cost more than our yearly service fee!

Unemployment hearings are by their nature confrontational. Witnesses must give factual details on separations and the burden of proving misconduct is on the employer. A trained representative can assure that your best case is put on the record. At Personnel Planners, all hearing representatives are well trained ABA approved certificated paralegals with years of experience.

As of October 2013, new requirements have come into play for responding to an unemployment claim. A new federal law, under section 252 of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension Act of 2011, requires all states to enforce a new standard – responses to all unemployment claims must be timely and adequate. At Personnel Planners we are 100% compliant with the new regulation through our integration with the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES).

Our clients’ HR departments leverage the client portal for their internal reporting. Management groups and multi-entity organizations gain access to live dashboards summarizing all their unemployment claim data, on a per entity basis. At Personnel Planners we make an effort to provide the best possible customer experience, including adding custom reporting to the portal to meet our clients’ needs.

While automation can be great when it comes to internal processes, we believe that to provide a truly great unemployment cost control service, our clients should expect and receive personal attention. When you call us, you will not talk to a machine or have to listen to all options, instead you’ll get a pleasant voice willing to provide you with assistance regarding any Chicago based unemployment insurance matter.

Our claims management system was built from the ground up with the latest industry requirements at its core. Payroll providers and PEO’s find our service level and technological capabilities to be very attractive when deciding on how to handle their clients’ unemployment insurance matters. Based in Chicago, Personnel Planners provides flexible options for partnerships.

Over the years Personnel Planners has grown to become a national provider of unemployment cost control services, with clients in all 50 states. As we are now on the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) with nearly all available state agencies, our task of administrating claims nationally has become more streamlined and our expertise has grown from our home base in Illinois to encompass all state agencies in the United States.

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